Product Name

ClearPlex ®...The Best Windshield Protection You'll Never See

ClearPlex ® is the first and only optically-clear protection film for auto windshields. This patent-pending product absorbs the impact of standard road hazards.

Significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, pitting and bull'seyes. Leaving the glass in pristine condition. A multi-layer film that adheres to the windshield, but can be removed at the end of its useful life.

Impact and Scratch Resistant

ClearPlex ® is designed to take what the road dishes out. Impacts which shatter unprotected glass leave only a minimal pin-point on the film, preserving its optical clarity. Like glass, ClearPlex ® is scratch-resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions, such as windshield wipers.

Reduce Heat, UV & Glare

ClearPlex ® features UV stabilizers which reduce the amount of heat in your vehicle and helps prolong the life of your interior. With its polarized finish, the film can help reduce glare. Thermally Fitted To Your Windshield Depending on the windshield, installing ClearPlex ® can take less than a half an hour by a certified installer. The film is thermally fitted to every curve of the windshield, forming a bond with the glass.

Environmentally Friendly, Providing a Sustainable Solution to Windshield Repair

Avoids the unnecessay pollution of broken windshield glass in landfills.

Safety for Vehicle Occupants and Protecting the Value of Your Automotive Investment

The windshield is responsible for about 20% of a vehicle's structural integrity. An intact windshield can prevent a vehicle from roof from collapsing in an overturn, and it can help to keep passengers inside the car. ClearPlex ® film can help to preserve a windshield in an accident, thereby protecting the vehicle occupants and the vehicle itself.

ClearPlex ® Protects Windows on All of Your Vehicles

Vehicles for personal use in your family and work. Fleets vehicles for rental use and for use in companies, government, schools and public transporation. Luxury vehicles that use film for protecting all of the valuable surfaces that are difficult to repair and replace. First-Responder vehicles. Water craft, especially on salt water, reducing the scratching and fogging so that windows retain their transparency.