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New Universal Bumper Protector DIY Kit designed to protect your car from steep driveway scrape damage.



Sliplo Universal Skid Plate

SLiPLO universal skid plate is the solution for a protected, pristine bumper. It’s strong, easy to install, and performs as promised to safeguard against damage.

SKU: SLIPLO3919905060
SIZE:22"(6.35 mm) x 12"(304.8 mm) x 1.5"(38.1 mm)
Sliplo Universal Skid Plate (8pcs)

The heavy-duty polyurethane and ultra-strong 3M adhesive on our SLiPLO Universal Skid Plate can hold up to everything the road and the weather can throw your way. In fact, they hold fast against your bumper when parking.